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About the School


'Children learn what they live. Children live what they learn.'


Based on the teachings of Her Supreme Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Education, while striving for excellence in an internationally recognized academic curriculum, envisages the development of the child in an atmosphere where the innate qualities, such as innocence and wisdom, are protected and enhanced; where the students imbibe the timeless and unchanging values which come from inner awareness, and are not subject to the vagaries of fashion, religion or national culture.

It is a well-rounded education, with lots of exercise, many creative and expressive outlets, a great deal of collectivity but perhaps most importantly plenty of meditation. In a world where ancient values are being eroded everywhere, the International Sahaja Public School is providing a unique haven where children can receive a vibrant education and still enjoy the precious days of innocence and pure Spirit. As Shri Mataji says: "Innocence is an eternal quality which can never be lost or destroyed”. We strive to preserve it.


Sahaja Education is learning with a difference - the children are nurtured in a loving family environment which strengthens their roots and prepares them for the realities of the outside world. The accent is on developing self-respect which leads to respect for others, a love of Nature, care for the environment, gentleness, nobility, honesty and wisdom; essential assets for the great adventure of life. The child is in surroundings that emit Divine vibrations and enrich the human spirit.

The pupil's curiosity, creativity and imagination are encouraged and stimulated in this peaceful natural environment. In day to day practice the pupils learn to understand and value spiritual and moral principles. Personality and individuality develop in such a way that each child expands their ability to relate, work, share and play harmoniously without competition, in an ideal collectivity of realized souls. The friendships they form here are life-long.

The children are made mindful of their individual and collective responsibilities such as respect and duty towards parents, elders, teachers and fellow students as well as to their countries and to improve the world at large.

In short, while embracing the academic policies of International Education, Sahaja Education preserves and enriches the magic days of innocence and purity. Classroom lessons are an integral part of the overall learning process. Lessons enrich the child's awareness and appreciation of the Divine Creation. The development of the aesthetic sense through expressions of spiritual joy comes from the inner experience of 'Self Realization' through Sahaja Yoga.

Every member of the qualified, talented and compassionate staff has experience of the science of Sahaja Yoga, which enables them to guide the academic and recreational activities of the School. The teachers through their selfless dedication are models for the students to follow.

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