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The school is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations which administers the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I.C.S.E.) and the (I.S.C) bearing the number H.P - 016. This board was set up in India in 1956 to administer University of Cambridge Local Syndicate Examinations.

Shri Mataji chose this curriculum Herself because it has a high academic standard, while still being quite practical and not too methodological. The standard is higher than State Boards in India, and is at about the same level as GCSE in UK or the equivalent in other countries. Students completing Class 10 in ICSE, even if they do not sit for the exams, should be able to handle exams in their own countries with a minimum of extra coaching.

It is hoped to develop the school up to Class 12 which will require some commitment from students and parents. Class 10/12 Exams will have to be passed, which means staying in India during part of the holidays.

It is the desire of Shri Mataji and Sir CP to develop the school up to this level, so that young Sahaja Yogis can continue to be educated free of the negative influences prevalent in schools in their own countries. We would therefore encourage parents to support the idea and make the necessary commitments and sacrifices, which will certainly be matched by those of the school staff.

The school teaches all major subjects of languages, sciences, humanities and arts.

Medium of Instruction - ENGLISH

The school has at present 30 teachers, including art, music, woodwork and sports teachers. It has an administrative staff of 17, a dorm staff of 24 alongside a maintenance, kitchen and general staff of about 63.

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