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School Committees






There are many committees at ISPS to deal with specific areas of school life. Each committee has a head member who reports to the principal, and conveys his/ her thoughts to the other members. Committees meet as required which may not be often if the members are in communication with each other anyway.

Membership of a staff committee is a serious responsibility and requires the energy, efforts and imagination of all its members throughout the year. Committees should arrange to meet to plan how they can help in the smooth running of the school and engage the interest of the children during the year. All committees should seek to involve other staff and the students in their activities.

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I. Sahaja Yoga committee

>> Conduct and supervise weekly Sahaj treatments programs, regular workshops for students & staff.

>> Make a time table for staff members and students for leading morning and evening meditation.

>> Review the provision of Sahaja Yoga education at ISPS.

>> Arrange meditation seminars for the teaching and non-teaching staff members new in Sahaja Yoga.

>> Help the new students in settling in the school.

>> Discuss all issues relating to the vibrational well-being of the school.

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II. Puja and festival committee

>> Make a calendar of the festivals during the year

>> Make the necessary arrangement for festivals celebrations.

>> Make sure everyone is aware of the reasons and the importance of celebrating the particular festival.

>> Coordinate festivals activities with the Activity and Cultural committees.

>> Decide the program for all major pujas and festivals.

>> Arrange responsibility lists for each Puja.

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III. Yuva Shakti committee

>> Make sure students are aware of their responsibilities as Yuva Shakti.

>> Introduce them to the protocol of the Yuva Shakti .

>> Train them to organize Yuva Shakti seminars and public programs

>> Prepare them for active participation during Pujas, festivals and celebrations

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IV. Excursion committee

>> Plan the excursion timetable for the year.

>> Ensure the necessary arrangements for food, transport and accommodation if they are in place before the excursions start.

>> Allocate staff responsibilities and brief staff and pupils appropriately at the outset of excursions.

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V. Activity committee

>> Plan and arrange a varied program of inter-house games, activities and competitions throughout the year, at least once a month.

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VI. Examination committee

>> Organize the format of all exams on the computers.

>> Fix and publish the dates and schedules of all exams.

>> Ensure that question papers are prepared in advance.

>> Photocopy all the question papers according to the number of students per class in good time.

>> Provide an extra copy of all question papers for the principal.

>> Arrange the question papers subject wise and date wise.

>> Plan out the seating arrangement for main exams like half yearly and final exam.

>> Plan out the date sheet for each exam.

>> Keep a record of all exams and results for at least two years.

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VII. Annapurna committee

>> Prepare the weekly menu with the help of the student representatives & the school doctors.

>> Train the kitchen staff to keep Shri Mataji's altar in an auspicious condition and to offer a sample of all food prepared to Shri Mataji.

>> Inspect the dining hall, food preparation areas and the food itself for cleanliness and hygiene.

>> Make suggestions for the improvement of hygiene or the quality of the food, or for improving its vibrations.

>> Check whether the diet is balanced, and acceptable to the children and staff.

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VIII. Sports committee

>> Organize inter-house sports.

>> Organize inter-school matches.

>> Organize and conduct the annual Sports Day.

>> Suggest ways in which the sports facilities and range of sports taught may be developed.

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IX. Magazine committee

>> Collect articles of creative writing for the magazine.

>> Collect photographs and articles about programs, festivals, excursions, etc. conducted during the year.

>> Editing and printing of the annual magazine to be ready before the end of term.

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X. Discipline committee

>> Ensure that all students and staff abide by and uphold the school rules, in a mutually supportive and collective manner.

>> Review the school rules in the light of developments at the school.

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XI. Website committee

>> Set up an ISPS website

>> Keep the information on the website up to date.

>> Upload students individual reports and information (monthly and exam reports)

>> Ensure that parents have their passwords to access the students reports.

>> Provide passwords to Sahaja Yogis for access to protected areas of the website (magazine, newsletter etc.)

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XII. Cultural committee

>> To organize cultural activities, dance, music, festival preparations and ceremonies etc.

>> To plan a cultural calendar for the year.

>> To coordinate with the Puja and festival committee and Activity committee.

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